The landfill is open to commercial, municipal, and regional district customers hauling solid waste originating from within British Columbia.


To inquire about entering into a commercial contract, please see details below:

Customers within the Thompson-Nicola region

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For interested customers based in the Thompson-Nicola region, please call the Thompson-Nicola Regional District at 250-377-2596

Customers outside the Thompson-Nicola region

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For interested customers located outside of the Thompson-Nicola region, please call our office 1-877-475-0559 (toll free)

Acceptable materials include most refuse that originates from:

    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Institutional
    • Demolition
    • Land clearing, or
    • Construction sources


The characteristics of the discharge must be municipal solid waste as defined in the Environmental Management Act and originate from within the province of British Columbia.


If inquiring about the disposal of asbestos waste, please call our office 1-877-475-0559.

Materials prohibited from discharge include:

  • Hazardous waste (excluding asbestos)
  • Bulk liquids (excluding leachate re-circulation)
  • Semi-solid waste containing free liquid
  • Biomedical waste
  • Incinerator ash or other materials that can create an exothermic reaction when hydrated (unless placed in a specially designed mono-fill cell)
  • Recyclable Materials including:
    • Used white goods
    • Auto hulks and other large metallic waste
    • Used tires
    • Used lead acid batteries
    • Gypsum wallboard (post 1990)
    • Corrugated cardboard
  • Any other waste and/or recyclable material regulated under the Ministry’s Recycling Regulation when alternate recycling options become available
  • Other materials which may be designated by the Director when alternatives to disposal become available

Please contact your regional district for recycling information.

The Campbell Hill Landfill reserves the right to refuse any waste material.

site access

The landfill is secure and entrance is restricted, controlled, and monitored. Only registered customers have access to the site via a scale house where they are required to use their badge to weigh in and out. The scale is equipped with traffic control systems and cameras that record each vehicle upon entry and exit. Posted signs indicate the proper traffic direction, weigh scale instructions and phone numbers for assistance.

Hours of Operation